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November 2014



The Strip Quilt

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This quilt was never planned or on my ‘bucket list’ for quilts to complete. A few weeks ago, I was struck by some kind of nasty virus that left me too ill too even contemplate sewing anything which involved accurate measurements and matching seams. I tried to rest but if you know me well enough, that is almost impossible. I needed to create something which would keep my head busy but easy enough that I could handle the task while feeling like total crap. The strip quilt was the perfect solution. I was able to create and as a bonus, was able to make a dent in my scrap fabric bin.
Strip Quilt

Strip Quilt

Strip Quilt
Instead of using photocopy paper as the base, I used foundation paper which dissolves when washed. Probably a bit more pricey than using photocopy paper but I didn’t like the idea of ripping out all the paper or wasting the paper. The finished size of each strip quilt block is eight inches. The finished quilt measures out to be an oversized lap quilt. If you are thinking about making this quilt, I used this tutorial from Film In The Fridge. I used a two inch wide grid pattern for the quilting. Nothing fancy but I am really into grid quilting right now as it seems to work well with most of the recent quilts I have worked on.
Not only does this quilting pattern create a bright and colourful quilt, but it also allows you to use up a ton of your scraps! This strip quilt is currently listed in my shop but I have also made another strip quilt since which we will keep for cozying under during the long, winter months.
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