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December 2016



Happy Holidays!

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Hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season!
I have been a wee bit quiet over here on the blog but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t had much to write/blog about. I keep telling myself to blog about this or that but inevitably forget to do so or enough time passes that I forget what I intended to write about. And yes, I have been sewing. Probably not as much as previous months but certainly enough to keep me in my happy place for a little bit each day.
Every once in while, I create a pattern or project I get really excited about. This past month, it’s been the shrunken hockey gear bag. I call it the shrunken hockey gear bag because I designed it to resemble a life size hockey gear bag.

The purpose of this little bag is to store hockey stick tape, scissors, skate laces and all the littles hockey players generally need in their equipment bags. My boy keep losing his tape and stuff at the bottom of his big hockey bag so I thought to make a pouch which he would use only for the hockey accessories. It was definitely a hit and many other players on the team requested a pouch for their player.
I love when function meets practicality. I don’t usually sew ‘useless’ items. In other words, I like my creations to have a solid purpose so when the notion of creating a bag for hockey stuff surfaced, I fell right into it. Of course, it took about four pattern tries to get it right but in the end, I think the little gear bag resembles the actual hockey bag. Mission accomplished.
I have a few listed in my Etsy shop and plan on making a few more generic versions.
Here are a few more ‘custom’ orders:

Hoping it’s warm and sunny, wherever you are!
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