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June 2018




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Just because I have not blogged in a very long time does not mean I haven’t been busy sewing:) If I post new creations on Instagram or Facebook, I tend to think it’s posted so there is no need to blog about it. This is one excuse. The other excuse for not blogging is I am spending more of the mornings at the gym, yoga, juicing or simply just getting outside. So I have created a better balance. I sew when I sew. I don’t feel guilty anymore when I don’t spend time in the studio. There is no love loss for sewing or creating. Whereas I used to want a quilt finished in record time and spent every moment I could working on it, I now get to it whenever I do. No sense of guilt and no stress. Probably one of those ‘as you get older’ things people talk about but whatever it is, I am fully and completely content and at the end of the day, I believe this is what they say matters. Disclaimer: Most of the time I remember to blog in the most inopportune moments such as when driving, juicing, at yoga or working at the ‘real’ job.
During the long blogging absence, I completed a quilt which had been on my bucket list for a long time. I finished The Gypsy Wife quilt (pattern created by Jen Kingwell). This is my version:

I enjoyed every moment in creating this quilt. I can’t calculate how many hours were spent cutting, placing, re-making blocks but every hour was so worth it. By far the most detailed quilt I have made and now having tackled The Gypsy Wife, I am looking forward to creating more Jen Kingwell Designs patterns.
Also on a bucket list, but more near the bottom of the list, was to make a herringbone quilt from scraps and only scraps.  I ordered Modern Quilt Magic from Amazon and began immediately upon the arrival of the book. I had a lot of low volume scraps saved for this quilt. What I loved best about this quilt is all the scraps needed to be cut to only one size, 2″ x 8″.

This quilt has me wanting to create more low volume quilts. Initially, I was not sure how the quilt would look using mostly low volume fabrics but I’m glad I just went with it and assessed after the quilt top was complete.
Currently, I am slowly working on creating a Blaze quilt for myself because I need another quilt in this house. .

I selected the Blaze quilt pattern as I have more solid fabrics in my healthy stash of fabrics than I realized. I love that the Blaze quilt is not overwhelmingly bright and bold as the low volume contrasts outnumber the bold, bright solid fabrics.
Time and experience has proven I love to make quilts far more than any other project. Thus, I have decided my little shop on Etsy will eventually comprise of quilts only. There is something weirdly fulfilling about cutting up vast amounts of fabrics into small pieces only to turn around and sew them all back together. And quilts keep me warm during the long, cold winters. I found the pouches did not keep me warm enough (I know, bad joke but kinda funny?). There are, as of the time in writing this post, 264,992 pouches available on Etsy. That’s a lot of pouches! I searched ‘baby quilt’ in the Etsy search bar and the results show 109,108 baby quilts. Obviously, the amount of available baby quilts is still generous but in my mind, I have better options and avenues for being creative and unique in making a quilt as opposed to a pouch. I believe originality and uniqueness is a coveted aspect when selling in a huge marketplace such as Etsy. As I do not have the talent to create a ‘one of’ or something no one else has created which also has a practical and functional use, I will bet my odds in the quilt department and hope to create warm and cozy images via the quilts I create.

This post became a bit more long winded than intended but is in no way attempting to make up for the long absence. I am so grateful to all who continue to follow my creative journey.

Thanks for stoppin’ by!




August 2017



The ‘Pencil Case’ Season

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About a year ago, I posted this blurb about the Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases.
If you read through the post, I wrote about how the pencil case I had initially designed and created for Rylee had lasted throughout a school year. Yes, one whole school year. Gabe, who prefers the dollar store pencil cases, went through two pencil cases in one school year.
This is what one of the pencil cases I created looks like after enduring Grade 9 and Grade 10:

Yes, the pencil case is quite dirty and it appears she uses the case in place of paper to write on but nevertheless, the case is now about to enter Grade 11.  No rips, tears or otherwise signs of falling apart! We wish the case all the best 🙂
Although I have not created as many new cases as I would have liked by this time of the year, I do have quite a few new Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases listed in my little shop. Our winters here are so long and cold that I take full advantage of all days I can sit by the pool or leave the house without a gazillion layers. Thus, I spend far less time in the studio. Not complaining and no regrets. Our summers are very short and winters are long so there will be plenty enough time to catch up.
Here are the latest creations which are now listed in my little shop:

I think I like the paper airplanes fabric best 🙂
Hope it’s sunny wherever you are and thanks for stoppin’ by!



July 2017



Not the quilt I had planned.

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I cut all the pieces to create the Sunday Morning Quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts.  After spending my sewing time for the week cutting all the strips to create this…

…I ended up turning all the pretty strips of fabric into this…a simple patchwork quilt.

It’s not that I didn’t like the style of the Sunday Morning Quilt pattern. I just finished cutting the fabrics, played with the patterning a bit and then decided I wanted to make a ‘comfort zone’ quilt.  Patchwork quilts are simple.

This one started as 2.5 x 8 inch strips.
I sewed six strips together.
Cut the sewn strips to 2.5 inches wide.
Sewed six of the cut strips together to create a block.
Easy peasy.

And maybe that is just what I needed. I had not made a quilt in a while and really wanted to make one I didn’t have to think much about and more importantly, that I didn’t have to buy a ton of new fabric in order to create the quilt. I am truly attempting to use only the fabrics in my abundant stash of beautiful fabrics. Patchwork quilts like this one are easy in that you can pretty much use any or all the fabrics in your stash and it all looks great together.
If you want to use 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares, this is a great tutorial.
If you want to make the blocks using strips instead of squares (which I always do), this is well written tutorial.
I had all intentions on taking images of my progress to show how easy, yet rewarding, a patchwork quilt can be but sadly, I use excuses of poor lighting and a messy work table and fail to take pics 🙂

I still plan to make the intended Sunday Morning Quilt. I love the look of scrappy quilts and especially the ease of which the little pieces join together to make something warm and wonderful. Although it is considered ‘summer’ here in Ottawa (too much rain has me doubting the season), we still use quilts all the time. For cooler nights or when hubby wins the air conditioning setting war and the kids and I find it a tad too cool in the house.
On that note, I am going to venture out and enjoy the sunshine we finally have.
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are and thanks for stoppin’ by!



March 2017



Spring totes and more…

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It’s been a long winter. Cold. Very cold. And the white fluffy stuff which falls from the sky seems to make an appearance every time you think the ‘stuff’ has exhausted its welcome. I’m longing for spring. For the days you can leave the house with just a sweater instead of enduring the ordeal of layering winter gear to the point where you can’t even move with ease or feel any punches because you are so well insulated. Lovely image? Not!
So while rummaging through my stash of fabrics, I had spring in mind. Brights, florals and then I found the bunnies. I didn’t realize I had quite a few fabrics featuring bunny prints. Instead of a UV lamp or sun lamp, I chose these fabrics to brighten my day and turned them into totes and pencil cases.

Creating these Easter-ish totes and pencil cases did brighten my day. Initially designed to be used as Easter gift bags, they really can be used as a lunch bag, book tote, small work tote or whatever use which could brighten your day also 🙂
Some have already sold but you can find the remaining in my little shop.
If you are in a place also wishing for spring, we only have a few weeks to go. We can do it! I know we can.
Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for visiting my little place in the world wide web!



February 2017



Bullet Journal Pouch

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The act of journalling, list keeping and day planning has undergone many phases and trends. Each time the trend changes, the media used to journal, list keep and day plan appears to change also.
Recently, the Bullet Journal has become extremely popular. As described on the Bullet Journal website, the Bullet Journal is an analog system for list keeping, tracking and everyday planning. I used my smart phone for years to keep track of schedules, lists and more but recently found pen and paper to be more reliable and effective. The advantage of using a smartphone to keep your life on track is you generally have the smart phone wherever you go. Taking a journal type agenda keeper with you may be more combursome for some. Thus, the idea of creating a bullet journal pouch arose.

Here is a video showing the purpose and beauty of the bullet journal style of journaling.

Bullet Journal makes a fabulous journal, with numbered pages and paper thick enough you can use your favourite journalling pens.
I decided to I wanted to try the bullet style journaling but of course had zero patience to wait for an online order delivery. I visited my favourite local paper boutique and discovered the Leuchtturm 1917 would suit my needs perfectly.

The weight of the paper sold me on this journal. Bleed proof and 100g paper would allow for doodling and boo boos that I make.
I purchased a grey Leuchtturm 1917 journal. Not because I didn’t love all the fabulous colours the journal is available in but because grey has been my go to colour for a while now.

I don’t do any of the fancy doodling or labelling. I just write and make lists or notes. However, if you are interested in seeing how fun this journal can be, visit Pinterest and search Bullet Journal.
After visiting Pinterest and viewing just how these journals can be transformed into works of art, I decided to make a case for the journal. It just makes sense if you are going to take the time to make amazing lists and tracking sheets, why not be able to take the journal everywhere you go? Of course you need your fancy pens to go with the journal and maybe some pretty accessories or sticky notes. I modified the pattern for the iPad Idea Pouch to accommodate the Leuchtturm1917 journal and ended up with the perfect fit for the notebook.

So there you have it. You can keep your favourite journal and pretty pens all in one place and make it easily portable. Again, search ‘Bullet Journal’ in  Pinterest, Instagram and the World Wide Web to learn more about the bullet journal style of list keeping.  And if you do decide to try bullet journal style list keeping and want to take the journal with you everywhere you go,  the Bullet Journal pouches are now available in my little shop.

Next up on my list of to-do’s is a carry case for an A5 size Filofax.

Thanks for stoppin’ by and hope you have a fabulous weekend!