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January 2014



To ‘leave an opening’ or not?

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In my experience, if you are creating a bag, sleeve, case or pouch the pattern generally requires you to ‘leave an opening’ for turning the wrong side (lining side) to the right side.
I am for the most part a rule follower. I follow recipes and patterns exactly as required but not when it comes to turning a creation inside out.

I like my seams to line up nicely but find that when I proceed to turn the fabrics inside out, especially if you are using interfacing and batting, the turning opening gets stretched and this makes it more difficult to line up a nice seam. For the most part, no one sees the seam opening because it is hidden in the lining but for opening which will be on the physical front of an item, you probably want the opening to not be visible.

So this is what I do. Perhaps you already do this or have read about this trick elsewhere but I thought to share just the same.

I stay stitch or back stitch at the two points where one would normally leave an opening but then I sew between these points.

Using a seam ripper I then proceed to unstitch the stitches between the two points.



You now have evidence, the stitch marks and little pieces of thread, which shows exactly where you will want to sew after turning the fabrics right side out.



It’s as though the initial stitch between the opening marks almost creates a crease similar to either finger pressing or ironing which makes it real easy to line up the fabrics for top stitching and/or closing the opening.
Here is the difference between trying to create a nice, clean seam without using the ‘stitch between the dots’ method and using the method. The ‘stitch between the dots’ method was not used on the iPad Idea Pouch on the left:

Hoping this idea helps you in creating beautiful pouches, bags and more.

PS: I apologize for the poor quality of the images. I live my studio immensely but unfortunately, I have only artificial fluorescent lighting in the studio.
PSS: this entire post was created on my iPad! This is the first time I attempted this feat and I love it!
Thanks for stoppin’ by!


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