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The Canvas Wrap Apron

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There was a time, about six years ago, when the only thing I was sewing was the Canvas Wrap Apron. I had initially created the pattern and apron for me as I have a tendency to wipe my hands on my clothes and get pretty messy in the kitchen. To save wardrobe changes and serious damage to my favourite clothes, I created the apron which basically ensured full body coverage. I didn’t like ties at the back of my neck so the typical, over-your-head and tie-at-the-back style apron didn’t work for me. Once I created mine, the apron became pretty popular and as I said, it seemed to be the only thing I was sewing for a few years.
I made the apron for friends, for family and for people I met on the world wide web. I made a lot of them.
Canvas Wrap Apron
And then more…
Canvas Wrap Apron
Soon, most of my ‘crafty’ friends had a canvas wrap apron.
And then I stopped making them for a while.
Maybe I got bored and wanted to make other items. Not sure why but I haven’t made this apron in years. Then, recently, I went to put on the original apron I made for myself and realized it had lived it life, fully and completely. Six years of constant use and washing had worn down the pockets and when I tried to tie the straps, they both broke off 🙁
Thus, the need arose for a new apron.
Canvas Wrap Apron
Canvas Wrap Apron

Canvas Wrap Apron

Canvas Wrap Apron

Canvas Wrap Apron

Canvas Wrap Apron
The canvas is a 7 oz. unbleached, natural cotton which becomes very soft and subtle after washing. All accent fabrics are part of the Rustic Blush Collection by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit Fabrics, which I truly adore. Like all the canvas aprons I have created, all accents and trims are topstitched and stay-stitched to prevent fraying and to give the apron a rustic, aged look.
Now, having said all this, and after finally getting around to creating another one of these, I made it too big and of course, didn’t realize it may be too big until after all the pockets and trim was fastened. And by fastened, I mean securely fastened. As in, there is no way I am attempted to remove and move the trim and ruffle. Because all seams are exposed, I triple stitch to secure. My seam ripper would wear out in no time flat. Thus, I have listed the apron in my Etsy store and will attempt to make another one soon. This apron would fit a size 6 to 8 comfortably. Any questions, please do send me a message!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and hope you have a lovely day!

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