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July 2017



Not the quilt I had planned.

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I cut all the pieces to create the Sunday Morning Quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts.  After spending my sewing time for the week cutting all the strips to create this…

…I ended up turning all the pretty strips of fabric into this…a simple patchwork quilt.

It’s not that I didn’t like the style of the Sunday Morning Quilt pattern. I just finished cutting the fabrics, played with the patterning a bit and then decided I wanted to make a ‘comfort zone’ quilt.  Patchwork quilts are simple.

This one started as 2.5 x 8 inch strips.
I sewed six strips together.
Cut the sewn strips to 2.5 inches wide.
Sewed six of the cut strips together to create a block.
Easy peasy.

And maybe that is just what I needed. I had not made a quilt in a while and really wanted to make one I didn’t have to think much about and more importantly, that I didn’t have to buy a ton of new fabric in order to create the quilt. I am truly attempting to use only the fabrics in my abundant stash of beautiful fabrics. Patchwork quilts like this one are easy in that you can pretty much use any or all the fabrics in your stash and it all looks great together.
If you want to use 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares, this is a great tutorial.
If you want to make the blocks using strips instead of squares (which I always do), this is well written tutorial.
I had all intentions on taking images of my progress to show how easy, yet rewarding, a patchwork quilt can be but sadly, I use excuses of poor lighting and a messy work table and fail to take pics 🙂

I still plan to make the intended Sunday Morning Quilt. I love the look of scrappy quilts and especially the ease of which the little pieces join together to make something warm and wonderful. Although it is considered ‘summer’ here in Ottawa (too much rain has me doubting the season), we still use quilts all the time. For cooler nights or when hubby wins the air conditioning setting war and the kids and I find it a tad too cool in the house.
On that note, I am going to venture out and enjoy the sunshine we finally have.
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are and thanks for stoppin’ by!

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