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August 2017



The ‘Pencil Case’ Season

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About a year ago, I posted this blurb about the Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases.
If you read through the post, I wrote about how the pencil case I had initially designed and created for Rylee had lasted throughout a school year. Yes, one whole school year. Gabe, who prefers the dollar store pencil cases, went through two pencil cases in one school year.
This is what one of the pencil cases I created looks like after enduring Grade 9 and Grade 10:

Yes, the pencil case is quite dirty and it appears she uses the case in place of paper to write on but nevertheless, the case is now about to enter Grade 11.  No rips, tears or otherwise signs of falling apart! We wish the case all the best 🙂
Although I have not created as many new cases as I would have liked by this time of the year, I do have quite a few new Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases listed in my little shop. Our winters here are so long and cold that I take full advantage of all days I can sit by the pool or leave the house without a gazillion layers. Thus, I spend far less time in the studio. Not complaining and no regrets. Our summers are very short and winters are long so there will be plenty enough time to catch up.
Here are the latest creations which are now listed in my little shop:

I think I like the paper airplanes fabric best 🙂
Hope it’s sunny wherever you are and thanks for stoppin’ by!

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