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August 2017



The ‘Pencil Case’ Season

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About a year ago, I posted this blurb about the Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases.
If you read through the post, I wrote about how the pencil case I had initially designed and created for Rylee had lasted throughout a school year. Yes, one whole school year. Gabe, who prefers the dollar store pencil cases, went through two pencil cases in one school year.
This is what one of the pencil cases I created looks like after enduring Grade 9 and Grade 10:

Yes, the pencil case is quite dirty and it appears she uses the case in place of paper to write on but nevertheless, the case is now about to enter Grade 11.  No rips, tears or otherwise signs of falling apart! We wish the case all the best 🙂
Although I have not created as many new cases as I would have liked by this time of the year, I do have quite a few new Three Ring Binder Pencil Cases listed in my little shop. Our winters here are so long and cold that I take full advantage of all days I can sit by the pool or leave the house without a gazillion layers. Thus, I spend far less time in the studio. Not complaining and no regrets. Our summers are very short and winters are long so there will be plenty enough time to catch up.
Here are the latest creations which are now listed in my little shop:

I think I like the paper airplanes fabric best 🙂
Hope it’s sunny wherever you are and thanks for stoppin’ by!



August 2016



When your favourite niece requests a pencil case…

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…you create one just for her.
Throughout August, I received many requests for the three-ring binder pencil case. Being the crazy summer it has been, there were weeks, yes weeks, when I simply did not have time to enter my studio. I checked in once in a while but did not even think about heating up the iron or turning on the sewing machine. When life is functioning at normal capacity, my machines are turned on every single day. It felt a bit weird not being in the studio every day but it is what it is. Life is slowing returning to the pace I prefer. When my sister asked me if I could create a pencil case for my all-time favourite niece, I made the time to get into the studio.
Of course, if I was going to create one pencil case, I would create ten.
Three Ring Binder Pencil Case
My niece loves the colour purple. If I picture her, I see purple as she is usually wearing some shade of purple. She also requested an additional pocket to hold special erasers and usb sticks.
Three Ring Binder Pencil Case
I made a few more adding the extra pocket.
Three Ring Binder Pencil Case

Three Ring Binder Pencil Case
Although it obviously takes more time to make a case than to run to the Dollar Store to purchase a very inexpensive one. We did the ‘pencil case test’ over the last school year and my daughters case, after a school year of constant use, remained perfectly intact, albeit a bit dirty. I posted the post school year pic of the case here.
Three Ring Binder Pencil Case
Our test this year will be to see if the pencil case can make it through a second school year.
All ‘ready to ship’ pencil cases are listed in my shop. If you would prefer a custom fabric for the case, send me a message. Most times, I have the preferred fabrics available.
Thanks for stoppin’ by and hope you have a fabulous day!



January 2013



Another brand new year…

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and we are off to a good start!

Hope you had a fabulous season filled with as much fun as I did. We played, relaxed, shopped and entertained to the point we don’t want the holiday season to end but of course, tomorrow, the kidlets are back in school so we are all back on routine schedules 🙁

I don’t set resolutions for the upcoming year but I do set goals. This year, I am determined to start and finish projects which have been calling my name for years.

In February, it will be 7 years we have lived in this house and thus it will be 7 years our kitchen curtain rod has remained in place yet lacking any covering.

It’s a horrible image but I am sure you get the idea.
I also purchased an arm chair at a thrift store at least four years ago which has simply been adorned with a crocheted blanket awaiting a slipcover. I have images in my head of how I want this chair to turn out and I have all the elements required to execute the creation of the slipcover. It’s simply a matter of remembering to do it!
So now that I have my ‘goals’ in writing, I am hoping it will make the task more enticing to complete.
In terms of Gabry Road, I have to date already maintained my goal of creating something new everyday. I had thought I would hold off and take a break until after the kidlets returned to school but my fingers were itchin’ to create so why not!
Here are some of the brand new items in my Etsy boutique!








I have so many more ideas to work on but progress has been good so far.
I also plan on being a better blogger but not going to make too many promises. I seem to have blog post ideas when I am not remotely close to a place where I can blog and then of course, by the time I get back to my computer, I have forgotten. So perhaps I should start listing/writing down blog ideas. Ok, I just created another goal for the year! 🙂
Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for stoppin’ by!