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March 2013



A little taste of spring…

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and longer days are so long overdue. This winter has seemed extra long and extra grey, at least it’s felt that way for me. But give me a little bit of sunshine and wow! my Type A behaviour is super sized! My list of ‘to do’s’ gets longer and I start to stare at the snow covered patio, already arranging the patio furniture in my head!
I detest winter. I am such a wimp in winter. I hibernate. Although I so love walking outdoors, I rarely brave the cold to go for outdoor walks so this past year, I joined The Athletic Club and added ‘going to the gym’ to my daily routine. And I’m lovin’ it! Pre-kids, I went to the gym and exercised fanatically but little by little, after my second especially, I didn’t make ‘keeping fit’ a priority and just did what I could in terms of exercise when I could. Now, after adding ‘the gym’ to my daily routine, I realize how much I missed it. I have become a huge Hot Yoga fan and even enrolled both kids in Family Yogo, which to my surprise, even Dear Son loved. We purchased a Bosu Ball for home and have the kids playing using it also.
So along with more exercise, we have, as mentioned in previous posts, been eating better. I admit though, I have not been following The Wheat Belly Cookbook as I had mentioned in a previous post. I still, and probably always will, prefer to be in the studio creating with fabric and paper than in the kitchen. So we have taken from the cookbook just a single sentence and using that to guide what we eat. Stick to single ingredient foods. And that is how we are creating meals. Just using the basics, nothing fancy, nothing with more than 5 ingredients and nothing with ingredients we can’t pronounce.
Hubby and I have also started to use a cleanse drink for the sake of cleansing, not for losing weight. I get rolling eyes when I tell people I am ‘doing a cleanse’ because, no, I don’t need to lose weight but there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying the cleanse and seeing how it works out.
We are taking the Isogenix ‘Cleanse For Life’ sold via Sue (Cleansing: Today’s Healthy Whey). It tastes good and so far all good. Hoping its not psychosomatic, but I do feel better, less bloated and more energy! Hurray for you my friends who come to visit the ‘energizer bunny’. Perhaps my coffee won’t need to be as strong anymore 🙂
Added to all this new goodness in our lives, Dear Daughter and I have signed up for some mini runs and walks so we should be training as soon as the big huge puddles go away (see I told you I’m a wimp)!
Thanks for stoppin’ by, taking the time to read my updates and hope you have a fabulous day!