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The ’38 Shades of Grey’ Quilt

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Initially intended for my boy but apparently, Gabe prefers color 🙂 I had pieced about half of the quilt, displayed on the quilt wall, when I asked him what he thought of the quilt I was making him. He said, ‘What color will it be?’.  I had thought he would have liked a nice, neutral grey quilt but I’ve learned he prefers more colourful quilts.

Grey Quilt
Grey Quilt

Grey Quilt

Grey Quilt

Grey Quilt

Grey Quilt
I have named this quilt the ’38 Shades of Grey’ because I used 38 grey based or neutral fat quarters. It’s as simple as that. Not sure what you were thinking but this is how the name derived 🙂 I generally use a bolder binding to frame the quilt, just like a picture frame but I couldn’t resist the striped, ticking style binding. It may not frame the quilt the same way a bolder or darker binding may but I think the lighter, less obvious binding makes the quilt look a little larger. This one sized in as an over sized lap quilt measuring 66 inches by 72.5 inches.

I believe this is the first neutral, somewhat modern style quilt I have made. I love it and it just may be my favourite so far but I think I say that after completing any quilt. Typically, I would have a quilt hand bound in record time so I can get it into the washer and dryer and watch the magic happen. The magic to me is when the quilt becomes all fluffy, crinkly and you just have the desire to get under the quilt and binge watch something silly on Netlix. This quilt took a little longer to bind simply due to the beautiful weather we finally have. It was a long winter and up to recently, a very cold spring. So when our coveted good weather happens, I am not missing a second of it. Having lived in Ottawa for ten years now, I know what’s around the corner and will be here before we know it.

This quilt is now listed in my Etsy shop. After completing a few custom orders, I will make another attempt to make a quilt for Gabe which meets his ‘colourful’ request.

Hope you are having a great day and thanks for stoppin’ by!