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The ‘Planner’ Train to Crazy

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I’m not stepping on the ‘planner’ train to crazy. I love and am totally inspired by what some are creating with their planners but I kind of like mine to be simple.  If you google/search planners, you will know what I mean.  A lot of people are turning their planners into works of art.  From simple doodling to elaborately constructed pages, planners seem to be becoming a new ‘craft’.  Or maybe, it’s not so new. The idea of embellishing and decorating your planner.  Maybe I just missed the beginning of this art genre.

I purchased my Kendal Filofax about eight years ago and used it as a planner until I purchased my first ‘smart phone’.

Filofax Kendal

Once I started using the calendar, reminder, notes, etc. apps on my phone, I packed away the Filofax. However, the rest of the family weren’t privy to my or any other schedule. We did create the ‘family’ calendar to share between our phones but that concept didn’t really take off. Every day after school, Dear Son asks if he has ‘anything on the go’ that night. Between hockey and french tutoring, he usually does have something booked for the night so his ‘free’ nights are coveted. I looked around at some desktop calendars and nothing really appealed to me. I figured if we had a calendar on the kitchen desk, Dear Son could check for his ‘free’ nights or check for himself what he had on the go for the day. Smart right? 🙂
Recently, after seeing so many beautiful planners, I thought I would bring out the Filofax and try that out. I didn’t change a thing other than the calendar pages because the last set that was in the planner was for 2009. Seeing all the details people were adding to their planners (yes, a lot own more than one planner), I wanted to just change the divider pages and tabs. I have hoarded ‘Sew Lovely’ paper collection by Carta Bella for some time now without any thought on what I was going to create with it. Until of course, I decided to create the new planner dividers with it.
The first set I created had separate tabs which I added to the existing tab.
Planner Divider Pages

Planner Divider Pages

Planner Divider Pages
I added these to my planner and felt they made the binder to full or thick.
So Plan B involved tracing the original set of dividers I purchased with the Filofax and using my Brother P-Touch Labeler to create the tab labels.
Brother P-Touch Labeler
The width of the tabs were wide enough to use the ‘small’ size setting on the labeler.
Planner Divider Pages and Tabs

Planner Divider Pages and Tabs

Planner Divider Pages and Tabs

Planner Divider Pages and Tabs
Simple but they add a bit of color and fun to my planner.
Planner Divider Pages and Tabs

Planner Divider Pages and Tabs

Planner Divider Pages and Tabs
And yes, I do know who I am and what my name is but I ended up making extra divider pages for which I didn’t have a label for so I created a front page. The paper was too cute not to use 🙂
So now I am organized and the whole family can be on the same page (literally) regarding our schedules. This is as far I was will take the ‘planner train to crazy’. I jumped on for a bit but still love clean and simple so there won’t be much more embellishing.
If you do have time, searching ‘planners’ or ‘planner pages’ is totally inspiring and worthy of a visit. If you are into that sort of thing of course.
Thanks for stoppin’ by and hope you have a fabulous day!