December 29, 2014

Starfall Quilt

The last quilt completed in 2014. Starfall Quilt by Fresh Lemon Quilts. I didn’t expect to finish this quilt let alone be able to take pics […]
December 4, 2014

The Sew Together Bag

I purchased the Sew Together Bag pattern to create the ‘Sew Together’ Bag written by Sew Demented about a year ago after a customer via Etsy […]
November 24, 2014

The Strip Quilt

This quilt was never planned or on my ‘bucket list’ for quilts to complete. A few weeks ago, I was struck by some kind of nasty […]
October 5, 2014

A ‘Ghastlies’ Pouch Give-A-Way

If you have been following along, you will know I became enchanted with the little Ghastlies adorning the Ghastlies Collection by The Alexander Henry. From aprons […]
September 13, 2014

Baby Quilts

After playing with the Chevron pattern on my pillow covers, I felt confident enough to create a baby quilt using the Chevron pattern. Unless working with […]
September 9, 2014

The ‘Arithmetic’ Quilt

When I purchased the Elementary Collection by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics, I wanted some element of ‘school’ in the quilt. I googled and searched and discovered […]
July 5, 2014

The ‘Hexie’ Quilt…

…is done! Yes, a bit later than the hockey season ended but it is pieced, quilted and bound! I first wrote about the hexie quilt at […]
June 11, 2014

‘Storybook’ Baby Quilts

Until I saw the Storybook Collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda, I had not even considered creating a baby quilt, or two. There […]
June 7, 2014

‘End of School Year’ Teacher Gift Ideas

I have a few ideas for you… There’s plenty more ideas to chose from in my boutique but I thought I would share a few ideas. […]
June 1, 2014

‘Happy Camper’ Quilt

Not sure which I fell in love with more first, the fabric or the quilt pattern but I knew they would work so well together. I […]
May 20, 2014

Scrappy 12 Patch Quilt

It’s a simply 12 patch scrappy quilt but I am so very thrilled with out it turned out. Karine of Karine’s Quilting Touch added her special […]
April 2, 2014

The ‘Blaze’ Quilt

Although the snow outside is melting quickly (finally!), it’s still too mucky out to attempt ‘outside’ photos so yet again, bear with me as I do […]