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March 2017



Spring totes and more…

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It’s been a long winter. Cold. Very cold. And the white fluffy stuff which falls from the sky seems to make an appearance every time you think the ‘stuff’ has exhausted its welcome. I’m longing for spring. For the days you can leave the house with just a sweater instead of enduring the ordeal of layering winter gear to the point where you can’t even move with ease or feel any punches because you are so well insulated. Lovely image? Not!
So while rummaging through my stash of fabrics, I had spring in mind. Brights, florals and then I found the bunnies. I didn’t realize I had quite a few fabrics featuring bunny prints. Instead of a UV lamp or sun lamp, I chose these fabrics to brighten my day and turned them into totes and pencil cases.

Creating these Easter-ish totes and pencil cases did brighten my day. Initially designed to be used as Easter gift bags, they really can be used as a lunch bag, book tote, small work tote or whatever use which could brighten your day also 🙂
Some have already sold but you can find the remaining in my little shop.
If you are in a place also wishing for spring, we only have a few weeks to go. We can do it! I know we can.
Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for visiting my little place in the world wide web!



September 2016



The Little Tote

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You know the look because you probably see it every time you go to a shopping mall or drive near a high school. Girls wearing black leggings and mismatched socks with Birkenstock sandals. As far as trends go, it’s not that bad and really not an expensive ‘outfit’. They basically wear the same thing everyday so cost wise, not so bad. Likewise, their lunch bags are inexpensive also as they use retail store bags. Environmentally friendly group of kids 🙂 There is though, a certain sized lunch bag the girls seem to all use. Not the large ones but the smaller sized totes which measure around 8″ x 11″. For the girls, this seems to be the preferred sized tote/bag to carry their lunches.

It makes sense. We have a ton of re-usable grocery and retail store bags and once they get totally gross, we add the bag to the recycle bin.
But what if I could make one a bit more permanent and bit cuter? That’s all it took. Just that one thought and I was messing up the studio creating a pattern for lunch bags I thought Rylee may want to use as her lunch bag.

For the pattern, I used an 8.5″x 11″ sheet of photocopy paper. To round of the corners, I used a cereal bowl. Yup, back to basics 🙂 I measured the gusset at 4.5″ wide and cut two strips 4.5″ x 16″ and sewed the two pieces in the middle to create a studier and more durable gusset. Once attached the gusset was about an inch too long on either side but it’s easy to trim down the gusset. Not so easy to add more if the gusset is too short.

Each tote is just a wee bit different. Some I added a zip pocket. Some I didn’t. What is consistent though is each tote is made with quality, cotton linen and linen blends. Most of the gussets are made using Essex linen which I could play with all day. Love the way the linen holds perfectly to the pattern piece and turns out exactly how you want it to.
So dear daughter chose the blue bears bag. Will keep you posted on how it wears and it’s durability. All the bags are washable provided they are washed in cold water and flat dried until damp then fluffed in the dryer. That’s how I care for linen and haven’t had any issues.
These little totes are listed in my little shop.

Thank you so much for stoppin’ by and hope you have a lovely day!