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April 2013



A little trip to Almonte

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In 2006, we moved to Ottawa. We did not know many people nor did we have any relatives in Ottawa. Hubby worked a lot during our first year here so to make the best of ‘getting out’ and doing things, the kids and I played this little game. We would take a road map and a penny and wherever the penny would land we would go.

It was fun and we ended up in places we would not have seen otherwise. It was so easy to do this then because the kidlets were very young and really didn’t have a say in where we went. At that time, you just placed them in the car seats and off you went.
As time passed, the kidlets grew (both in body and vocabulary), our weekends became filled with activities and we stopped ‘road-trippin’. With regular hockey season over for Gabe, I thought it would be a great time to start our random, spontaneous road tripping. Only difference is now, the physical road map has been replaced by the GPS and penny is basically obsolete we choose the internet to guide us and we chose Almonte, Ontario.
Ok, I had a hidden agenda. I really wanted to check out a little store called the Tin Barn Market. I had viewed images of their stock on their Facebook page and really wanted to check it out. The shop was amazing, filled with so many items I wanted to take home with me, but alas hubby joined us for the trip and kept reminding me we don’t have room for more furniture.

I immediately fell in love with the paper file cabinet.
almonte 4
I did walk away with this little treasure…
Twine Dispenser
And a few cast iron number plates…

The entire time I was in the store, I was re-working furniture in my own house to figure out how to incorporate some of the great finds at the Tin Barn Market but reality and practically won (otherwise known as dear hubby) and we walked around the little town of Almonte.
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Image Courtesy of PhaseSix

The best part of this little road trip is that the kids, even after grovelling and whining about going prior to leaving, really enjoyed themselves and asked where we are going next!
Thanks so much for stoppin’ by!