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Playing with Patchwork

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I have no idea why it took me so long to discover ‘patchwork’. I’m lovin’ it!
Patchwork iPad Bag
I am not sure if I developed this passion for patchwork because it involves smaller bits of fabric or because of the quilted appearance. Either way, I know it will cost me less in fabric purchases because you don’t need a lot of fabric to create most anything using the patchwork process.
So to date, I have created iPad sleeves:
iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve
and a few pouches:
Patchwork Pouch
Patchwork Pouch
I completed this iPad friendly shoulder bag this morning. This one took a bit more time but so lovin’ the result:
iPad Bag
iPad Bag
iPad Bag
iPad Bag
Search the web and you can find many inspiring patchwork creations or you can make your own!
Here are some books which will get you started:
Patchwork Books
Zakka Style
Patchwork, Please
Zakka Handmade
Natural Patchwork
Playful Patchwork
I Love Patchwork
Stitch Zakka
These great books and the hashtags #patchwork #patchwork please #zakka are great places to get inspired.
Would love to see what you create!
Thanks for stoppin’ by!